Sunday, 1 February 2009

Winemaking Quick Tip of the week

I will be trying to post a once a week wine/beer making quick tip of the week on here, so keep your eyes open.

When trying to keep the place you work in sanatary consider using this method. It works well and last for a few days, enough to keep it sanatary while your doing all the open vessel primary fermentation etc. I learned this from reading Jack Kellers blog.

Mix up a solution with your campden tablets, you can make it strong, say 3-4 tablets per gallon. Heat the water up and put it on the counter where you are working. After several hours it the steam will have gotten on to certain parts of the walls/ceiling etc. and now you can move it to another part.

The other way, not reccomended for weekly, or even daily basis is this. Mix up a strong solution and get out a rag. This time your actually wiping down every surface with it. The ceiling, cupboards, bowls, bottles, and anything that would have bacteria. Then take some and put it in a bucket and stick it in the cupboard for 10-15 minutes, to let the steam sanatize everything in it.

So next time you are having problems with your wine spoiling try this. I am right now trying it. And to leave with that I will say one last thing. Just get a bucket that you don't normally use and fill it with it and let it sit in your kitchen/winery all week, then use the solution to sanatize something and get start with some fresh solution.


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