Friday, 4 January 2013

My Bro

Things I admire or like about Josiah. (I hope I don’t embarrass him too much, but after a visit I had to write down and put down thoughts I had in my head.)

His ability to compliment or say confirming words, even if he doesn’t quite mean it. His ability to strike up a conversation, which usually starts with some of the casual mundane things which I often don’t like to do. He has an ability to hide most of his feeling about someone he doesn’t like when talking to them, which I admire. 

The energy he brings to the house is always amazing to me. Things like jumping in a starting work on a project or chores, but then slips away. He has a very cool capability to get others to do work for him, and that only comes from jumping in and starting, so you have to be willing to start. And I guess in a sense that is a lot of his personality, starting something new, being willing to jump in. Another way you can feel his energy is the way he carries himself and is in a sense willing to make a mistake. He thumps down the stairs when he comes down and shouts something hilarious, some quote or a question about why we’re not having fun, or enough fun. He is loud, which is something that isn’t natural to me unless I’m around a lot of really close friends or family and we’re playing something, or I’m psyched on coffee. :)  When he is playing a game, especially a competitive game he can be somewhat manipulative. Which makes him very fun to watch and play with. If you can be on his side it’s a blast! He is willing to do a lot for a laugh, and when he does something funny I can’t help but laugh at him. 

Another thing I really like about him is how he in one sense is so uncaring about his looks. He said everyone at Lampeter says he has the worst style ever. But he’s willing for them to think that. He doesn’t work out, but that is just another thing about him. In one sense he has such pride, and in another sense he has the worst style, doesn’t work out, he’s not super buff. He is an amazing dude. He doesn’t like skinny women, he’s the kind of guy real girls will like. They’re not going to like him because he looks really sexy and has forearms the size of my thigh, they’re going to love him because he is willing to be the ‘odd one’ in a room of others. He’s not letting working out or style get in the way of other important things, like God. This makes him so amazing to me, so humbling, and so, unique, you don’t often find this in a guy, and when you’re related to him? Yeah, beast!

I love talking with him, especially at 2am in the morning about theology and other stuff. He has been away and has the ability to form his own ideas and opinions on it. He’s seen both sides. He loves theology, but also is willing to be on fire for Jesus and show some emotion in worship. One of my favourite things was hearing him pray. His spontaneous ability in prayer, his realness, his relationship that he has with God is so moving. He is definitely going to be a good President for the Christian Union this year. I can’t wait to see all the ways God will use him. He is such a cool guy.

I love his choice of music and ability to play what is most often wanted or wished for, even without telling him. He plays emotional music when things are emotional, but will often change it because he’s “about to throw up” and plays something hilarious. He finds the funniest videos on youtube and it’s so fun to watch them with him. 
And to end I’ll quote from an interview about Les Mis, said by Russell Crowe about Hugh Jackman, but one that we’ve quoted to each other and could potentially be applied to Josiah. “He’s like this triple threat, you know? This singin’, actin’, dancin’ dude, you know?”

English Vintner