Sunday, 3 October 2010


I'll try to keep this short (partly for my sake).

Persimmons are something that you may have tasted once in your life, and decided that their are some fruits worth eating, but persimmons are definitely not. I like many have experienced the mouth puckering sensation of eating a raw persimmon that had that stringent taste. After that, I wasn't sure how people could eat them.

Well, I recently found out that most people who eat persimmons eat them in the form of persimmon pudding. Which, depends on the recipe. Some range from a pie like dish to a cake.

Persimmon season is finally here in NC. Last year I noticed that I had a persimmon tree, right above my garden. It is about 10 inches in diameter up to 2ft, and then splits into two 5" sections. They are about 25-30 ft tall. Persimmon trees do very well in just about any soil. I've read that they don't do well to transplant, so transplant as young as possible. They grow all over the place, the kind I have are grown wild all the way from Florida to Texas.

Well, today I picked 7 persimmons and yesterday I had picked some. So today I cooked the persimmons (for fear they would go rotten another day) up with some lemon juice (to keep the color better), and put it through a apple sauce maker. What I have is a very good tasting pulp! Which I will probably make into Persimmon Pudding.

Did you know, there is folklore, that you can split a persimmon seed open and tell what the winter is going to look like? It will either look like a fork, spoon, or knife. And each one means a different thing. I split one open and it looked like a knife. I had forgotten what a knife meant. Look up about the folklore about it, you will find it interesting. If it proves correct I have my own theories on why it would work. Like the crop circle in England that showed a disaster would happen in 3-6 or 9 months. 9 Months later Haiti earthquake happened. The shape of the crop circle was in the shape of the area around Haiti. For more info on it look up crop circles (make sure you find a reliable source, ask me if you are not sure, I've done some research on it) about Haiti earthquake.

Well, I guess it is getting longer than I intended it to. So I'd better go before it gets longer.

English Vintner