Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Well well, it's been a while I confess. I've been busy. Work is going well, school is pretty good too. Garden has had some care, but needs more of it. It's raining right now, so I won't go down and work on it, or so my excuse is.

I planted garlic last week. I ordered $60 worth of garlic, which was 3lbs. Yes, thats way more than I would pay for eating garlic, but it will come out to about 10 cents per clove or so, pretty cheap. I got 2lbs of hardneck, or stiff neck (sounds like the Israelites! :) and 1lb of softneck. I planted softneck last year, and softneck is what most people are used to. Stiffneck is more gourmet, their stalks are stiff (hence the name) and they produce a flower stalk which should be plucked.

I have total about 150 bulbs in the ground. I would like to do some more, take from what I have right now that I grew last year, and maybe do another 150 or so. If it does well I will sell some.

I have greens and lettuce under plastic in the garden. I have two 5x20ft beds. I have quite a bit of swiss chard (I LOVE swiss chard), leaf lettuce, romaine type, some other greens, and some carrots. Oh, and plenty of chickweed (a weed in this case).

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving next week! 35+ people! It is going to be a blast, plenty of good food, good coffee, fellowship, games, laughing, crying (from joy!), joke telling, LATE nights, EARLY mornings, and some fun cooking! I can't wait!

English Vintner