Friday, 14 March 2014


So, I've been in Uganda coming up on two weeks. The flight was long, but not bad. Met several people along the way who made it more enjoyable.

During my wait time in Charlotte airport before I boarded I met someone who was flying to see her son who was in the ICU for an accident involving his abuse of alcohol. But that she believed God was faithful and was praying that He would use this to bring him to himself. I told her what I was doing and she prayed for me. It was awesome to get that experience with another believer.

I flew to Newark and flew out of there just as the snow was coming down (many flights after mine were canceled due to weather) and flew to Amsterdam. I had a layover there, and met some other white people flying to Uganda. We talked about what eachother was doing there, as it was obvious we were all going to that small country of Uganda and since we were a minority, we instantly felt some kind of community.

I got to Uganda around 11:30pm and had to get my visa, which was simple enough. I walked around customs and arrived outside with a hundred Ugandans with signs waiting for people. It was very humid and very hot, and plenty of bugs flying around. I didn't see Al, the pastor picking me up so I found someone who let me use his phone and I called his number. He picked up and we soon found each other. I walked with him out to his car. I called my Mom and let her know I was alive and well.

We made our way to the hotel nearby and settled in. It reminded me of a Peruvian hotel I'd stayed in. Sleep was enjoyable and welcome, I even got a shower.

I woke up Tuesday morning after 5 short hours of sleep. We got up, packed everything and drove on our way. Traffic was horrible but we got to where we needed to go and eventually got to where we did our shopping.  One of the stops on our long drive to Karamoja was to see Londa very shortly to drop by a few items and say hi.

We made it to Karamoja around 6:15pm and I met the people who were there. I ate supper and went to bed. The next day I met the other people there and got settled in. I worked with Bobby, Bob Wrights son clearing out debris and knocking down wooden trusses in the Okkens house.

So...what does a typical day look like for me?

I wake up when it gets light. Well, that's not quite true. Most nights are so hot that I wake up throughout the night and try to get to sleep again. Around 6-6-30am I wake up and read my Bible and have devotions, I've started running with Jim Knox some of the mornings, and want to do it more. Around 7-7-30am I eat breakfast, usually two or three eggs. At around 8am I head over to Bob's place to see what I'm doing for the day. I work from 8am to 12pm and take a one hour break for lunch. Then I work from 1pm to 5pm. I then have about an hour and a half to shower, read, relax before supper. Several of the nights we eat at the missionaries houses and other times we eat by ourselves. Between 9-10pm I head to bed.

I hope to update again, but I can't depend on internet or electricity. The rainy season is just now beginning so that will make everything more interesting.

English Vintner