Monday, 27 September 2010


I really like shallots. They are small little onions in the shape of garlic and very pretty color. The ones I planted have a deep purple outer skin underneath the dry outside skin. The taste is of a mild onion, and most people think of them as being a little more gourmet. I guess because, why not grow or use an onion rather than a shallot?

A lot of people grow them from the small bulb, starting in the Fall. If you are growing from seed you can start in the fall, but earlier than the planting of the bulb. You can grow them fine from seed if you have a long enough growing season. If you can grow onions, you can grow these. I harvested mine in July, and I started them in March/April.

They like good soil, like onions, and lots of nitrogen. For longer storage cure them for several days before bringing inside. I found the inside of my greenhouse to be pretty good. I than put them, about 1 pound per paper bag and have them on a shelf in the basement. The best place is a cool dry area with good air circulation.

English Vintner