Monday, 31 May 2010


Well well. I am now sitting in Milligan Collage. Some people might say that I am not a very 'social' person. I am not very out going and I don't spend my time chatting over things that I don't do, or know about. I enjoy talking very much about gardening, my research on different things, and winemaking. I could talk for a long time and not get tired. Its just, I don't spend a whole lot of time chatting with people. I prefer to hear people talk, listen to what they have to say. So, here I am sitting in my room, waiting for supper and than the speakers.

I got up at 6:40am and checked on the garden, pollinated two zucchini flowers, no three I think. Anyway. I made sure everything was in order and than told Jedidiah what he had to do. Thankfully with all the rain we have had, and with all the mulch I put down he will not have to water. Especially since it rained today. But, I told him to check on the zucchini every day and pollinate any flowers, since I don't have enough bees around my garden and the flowers only open for about 6 hours and than are gone. So, the two things he has to do up until he leaves is pollinate and harvest zucchini.

I am afraid that two of my zucchini are not going to survive. They have been in the fridge for a while and now I am gone and when I felt them this morning they were slightly soft. Oh well, I guess. When I get back maybe we can take them camping and grill them.

I finished packing this morning. I didn't have much to pack. I did pack quite a few books though, because I think I will be doing a fair amount of reading during our 'free time' each day.

At 8:30am my mom got a call from a friend and needed my mom to take her to the hospital. So, she left in the van. At a little after 9am I left with Londa to go to church. I stopped for gas and filled up. We got to church and we packed the van the church was renting to come up here. By a little before 10:00am we got going.

We stopped by chick fil a and ate lunch. We than got in and drove the rest of the way. At 2:30pm we got in. We registered and than got our stuff unpacked into our rooms. I found out the password to the internet and here I am.

So, I came here to hear the speakers, not to have 'fun'. After all, my kind of fun is doing research on a pump that pumps water using water. Or a man who built a castle by himself. :) Anyway. Supper is at 5pm-6:15pm and than Ice Breakers (not sure what they are, I forget what they had last year), and than two speakers.

Well, talk later!

English Vintner