Saturday, 17 July 2010

Bad News

bI am writing this here, because most of you who read this, were supporting me, either in prayer, or finances. Our Haiti trip has been canceled. We had already purchased tickets. So, at this point, we are planning on postponing the mission trip until next year. And, wether we go to Haiti next year, or another place will depend. Maybe we will go to Peru.

On a lighter note, gardening.

I got up at 6:30am today. I fully considered sleeping in till 7am or later, but knew I would regret it later. So, I forced myself to get up.

I weeded the blackraspberry bed. I found that three of the long canes of blackberries, had gone over and were touching the ground and one of them already had roots on the other end! So, I planted that end in the bed. This Autumn I will probably cut it in two. The canes I bought from Stark Bros, and the ones I got from my cousin wild, look exactly the same, identical. The difference was this year mine bore fruit, and his did not. I like how the canes have that, frosty white look to them. By the way, why do people like blackraspberries better? I tasted them and they didn't taste that much different, I mean, I guess they tasted a little more juicy, but did not have as strong a 'raspberry' flavor as red ones do. Anyone care to comment and answer as to why they like them better?

I got the rototiller in the greenhouse, and started rototilling. The ground is hard as rock (almost), but I did get somewhere. I shut it off because it was making a sorta chugging, sorta bang bang bang sound. I filled it up with all the gas left, making it 1/4-1/3 full (maybe a little more). It had a little trouble starting, but started up. And then, it died. The motor quit. I didn't want to try to start it again, so I didn't, I left it. I hope to till up one fourth of the greenhouse, move some stuff around and to another fourth. I am thinking do about half of the greenhouse tilled up. I need it pretty deeply till if I'm growing roots!

I found that something had pulled to corn stalks over and had gotten to the corn, and eaten part of one cob. I saw foot prints at the dam, right before I stepped on them. I don't know if they were possum or raccoon. Do possums eat corn? It didn't look like a deer, besides I sprayed the corn with smelly blood meal. So...what am I going to do? Well, the next time I go to Lowes I need to get some 5ft (at least that tall) fencing of some sort, to put around at least some of the corn.

I was just reading on how to keep raccoons out of corn. The easiest method sounds like a radio, or a light, you keep out in the garden.

I also heard cucumbers work real well too. You plant them and they grow up the corn. So, next year I will be growing cucs with the corn! Kinda hard to plant cucs with the corn since the corn is 5ft tall. :)

Anyway. Thats about all for right now.

God Bless!

English Vintner