Friday, 24 August 2012


What is it about music that makes the problem you’re in smaller. Listening to it soothing comforting music can get you through a tough situation, or can let your emotions go. It’s freeing to listen to it. Is it drawing your emotions? Is that bad? Can I feel a closer connection to Christ when listening to certain types? Yes. Is it more than a feeling? Yes. It makes me draw closer making my relationship stronger in him. I can talk, pray, sing, cry, and He will hear me. There is something mystical about music, it can reach to the heart, the soul, go deep, penetrating.

I can often hear the music and can feel the tension drop, my cares are cast off and I can do it. Modern technology allows me to do frustrating jobs with music at hand, which is wonderful. I can undertake a job I wouldn’t have motivation to do and be able to do it because I can focus on something else, feel the music pulse through my veins, giving me the energy I need.

English Vintner