Tuesday, 14 December 2010


It has been a while, not that I haven't had the time, I've just forgotten about my blog. Been going on in life without writing it. I've been busy with work, since my brother was in Switzerland. I haven't had much time for school, though I am hoping to get down on chemistry, and some math.

I turned 17 yesterday. Had to work, but got some stuff from the Blue Box Specials place, 2.5 gallons of yogurt, coffee creamer, 7 gallons of milk, 6 gallons of juice, and some other odds and ends. I also made some Farmhouse Cheddar, it is drying right now. I am hoping it turns out well, though, if not the cost was not much.

We got a Christmas tree. Most years we cut down a cedar. My older brother Josiah likes a 'real' Christmas tree. So, he went to Lowes and got a $30 dollar one. Last night we made cookies. We got out our fire place (from a wine display), a high quality image of a fire, surrounded with real looking fireplace mantle and sides. Quite charming without being the real deal.

It got down to 11ºF last night and is suppose to make a record tonight, not since 1960s something has it gotten this cold. Right now they are forecasting for snow and ice on Thursday, I'm hoping for some, though I don't want the roads bad enough that my brother can't make it back from collage.

I just started my SEA-CROP experiment, 12 pots, half with sea crop, 3 different veggies, radishes, beets, and leaf lettuce. The Science Fair is sometime in January, around the 20th, I'm hoping I will have had most good growth by then.

I bottled some hard cider, hoping it will be good by Christmas. I will be celebrating my birthday on the 21st. Christmas week work will be light, we only get Saturday off, but we should be able to make Friday almost nothing, won't even drive the truck, just the car.

Anyway. Haven't done much planning recently for the garden, but I have been doing reading, read Ancient Mysteries Modern Visions. Good book. I'm going through a book written about a lot of what Viktor Shauberger wrote about. Water, nature, and energy. He had a 'free' energy design from the sea, using the ocean, kinda like a wind mill, using the rising action of the oxygenated water from deep in the ocean rising to the top and giving off o2. But, he also had a device using hydro power, that is 90% more efficient, gets 90% more power for it. I read about composting methods, thinking more about cold composts, that encourage earth worms. You won't really find a hot compost pile in nature, it is slow, cool, and wormy. He is real big on the egg shape. Talks about 'living' water, vortexes and such. If you drink enough distilled water you will die. Distilled water is attracted to minerals and nutrients, so it sticks to them and takes them out of your body, depleting your body of them.

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