Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Winter Squash

Went to see the sunrise this morning, climbed the pine tree, saw the cars race by, heard the dog bark in the distance, felt the cool wind rushing over my face. Sipping my coffee I felt relief from the cold. I had brewed it strong. More so than I meant too. I used about 6 ounces for enough for a 10 oz cup of strong coffee. Probably could have been cut in half for most people. It was good strong though. Nothing like some fresh roasted coffee, brewed strong. Light crept over the two hills in front of me. At quarter past seven by my guess I clambered down and went south. Creeping along the edge of the woods and highway. I was exploring where I wanted to plant the winter squash. I measured the one area that I want to do a lot. It is 9ft by 50ft, at the edges a few trees. I kept going, quite a few pine trees and low lying brush where I was going. I kept down so that the cars would not see me. At one point I saw a police car go by, I didn't want to talk to an officer or passerby so I kept low. I found quite a few other spots, long stretches where I could put winter squash.

While I relish the idea of all this winter squash I have to keep in mind that for every one winter squash it means one posthole 2ft deep, filled with manure or compost and soaked with 2 gallons of water. I hope to employ, or is it implore my younger siblings to carry the water and compost. I am saving a lot of butternut squash seeds, so I won't have to buy any of those seeds. I will probably plant exclusively butternut squash along the highway, and do any other squash in my garden beds. I'll probably do a few pumpkins in my garden beds. And do some above my garden.

I spent an hour in the woods, talking to God and exploring the forest. I found quite a few good stretches of clear area. I don't what would grow well in full shade and tolerate deer. Any ideas?

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Cover Crops

I am writing stuff on videojug pages. It is a web based site that has information on a whole range of subjects. I am posting stuff, especially this month, because they are giving out prizes this month. So, to read about cover crops go to this website.


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