Saturday, 28 July 2012

Wishing For Heaven?

Why is leaving always so hard to do? We long for us to stay together, not having to leave. But leaving is inevitable in this world here on earth. You will always leave someone or something behind, at least for a while. We make and break relationships with people all the time, but it is the lasting ones that are the hardest to part. The better we know someone the harder it is to leave. The more we love someone the harder it is to say good bye. We long for a lasting time together, when we will not be separated. What we long for is heaven. A lot of people have misconceptions of what heaven is and think this life is good and a better one, and don’t really long for heaven. I think we have to be careful what we say about heaven and the new earth, but I think it is clear that it will involve fellowshipping with one another with Jesus. Singing, laughing, talking, working, praising, being around eachother, and most importantly being with Jesus and learning more about Him. Spending an eternity getting to know God better, and still finding that after a hundred years He will still surprise us with something new, we will never grow bored, never tire of being around him, we will always want more of Him. 
And so the week of vacation is over. I knew before vacation started that we would come to this. That it would be over much too fast. But I knew that we live in the moment, we are changed by the past, and look forward to the future. I had to keep myself from thinking of this day, when good byes are exchanged and we come back. You have to live the moment, enjoy everything as it happens, and not look too far ahead.
A wonderful week. Fun times with cousins, meeting new relatives and hanging out. Playing Capture the Flag, jamming on the flute with the piano, playing Mafia, Imagineiff, and many more games. Getting up early to see the sunrise and have a cup of joe. Drinking tea all day long. Talking late into the night. Singing hymns around the campfire. 
Here we are on our way home. I go back to work tomorrow to work on the farm. Sometimes the only thing that gets us through something is the thought of going back to where we came from. I don’t feel like going back to work to be honest. At this point I’m looking forward to our camping trip, the second week of August. Sometimes the best thought you can think of is being around your family with cousins and friends. The best times in life often come through those you are closest with. I know working at the farm is good, great experience, physically taxing, and some free time to read and research about different things. But sometimes I’d rather I could just hang out with my family, playing games. 
Maybe I’m just wishing for heaven?

English Vintner