Monday, 17 December 2012

Wishing For Heaven

Why are we here on this earth? Why should we live? Should we pray for safety, blessings, prosperity? Should we take every chance we get to live on the edge, every moment a moment from death? These are questions that fill my mind, that go around in my head. Surely there is a balance to this life, a balance between wishing for heaven and thanking God for the life we’re living here. What purpose do we have here on earth? It seems to me that the reason we are here is because we can choose to be saved, deciding to go to heaven or hell, ultimately defining our eternity. Are we to enjoy our life here? Should we take our life? End our life here on earth so we can spend more of it with God in a perfect place away from all this hellish misery? Surely there is a reason for our longing to stay here on earth. Our natural fear of leaving all that is familiar?

What makes us wish for heaven? For me it is seeing all the sin in this world, seeing the hopelessness of mankind. How selfish the world is, how greed and power and money are the only thing we think life is worth living for. That you can buy happiness with money. That if you get the right job, the right girl friend, the perfect house, that your life will be fulfilled. That we  ignore the pain, and suffering that goes on, and just look how we can make ourselves happy. It is the mask we put up. When I read on the news that a gunman shot 20 children under the age of 7yrs old. When I see how corrupt companies are. When I see the world around me crashing down in it’s own greed. When someone cannot look any farther than their own feet. When I see the division in the church, how far some people go in what they think is right. The pride that Christians have. I just want to get to heaven, when we will have no conflict, everything made right. This is when I pray, Lord quickly come. Do not wait, your children need you. Bring justice for your children are dying, they need you now. Bring me heaven, give me perfect peace, bring me from this suffering into your perfect arms. When this world seems to pass away, and all you see is Jesus. Imagine a perfect world, with Jesus, spending eternity with the Creator of everything, seeing His creation taken to a new level of perfection, getting to know Him better. 

English Vintner