Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Well, I'm Back

To quote Sam Gamgee, from the most amazing fantasy books I have ever read. So in depth, bringing you INTO the story, carrying you along from Hobbiton to Mordor. Carrying your emotions along with the characters from laughing at the Prancing Pony, to crying while the ring bearers board the ship to carry them into the west. The books are ones I will read over, though, in some way I will regret every time I get to the end of them. That feeling, when what you did is over, and all you have is the memory. I liken it to drugs. In the middle of the book, everything is fine, sad or happy you still have half the book before the end, lots of things can happen, you enjoy where the story is taking you. But, in the end when the Fellowship has parted?! To never meet again? Frodo leaves the Shire because he has sacrificed SO much on the journey that he no longer finds peace at HIS home!? Frodo suffered so much for everyone else, and even in his home town the others do not recognize him, they instead praise his friends, Merry, Pippin, and Sam. Why is it that the one who has done the most, is often never known? Heroes from the Wars? Actions never remembered.

Anyway, back to Gardening, or something. My garlic, seems to be growing a little too fast. I haven't checked it yet, but on Saturday it was 6 inches tall. They say it can be nipped back by the frost once without harm to the yield of the crop, twice and you have a reduced amount. So, I'm hoping it either gets nipped, or it will overwinter being short enough. Any how, I need cool weather to stop the growth of it. Saturday I got some straw bales from our Church Bazaar. 3 bales for $10. Plus, the money went to Lois Lodge, a place where young women who are pregnant and want to keep the baby to full term can stay. So, it was a good cause. I mulched the garlic with the straw, also the shallots, and a little bit on the leeks. I got one bed prepared for Jerusalem Artichokes, and planted 8-10 tubers in it, mulched with straw. So, I guess the rest of the tubers we will eat. I am hoping to give some to my cousin. My brother, who is off nightshades has been eating them instead of potatoes and enjoying them. So I am very happy to have planted them. You know, for most things in the garden, it takes months to get to the harvest. Planning is all in advance (most of the time).

I was encouraged by someone in our church who has chickens to not wait until spring, get them out of season, on craigs list. I found one place, about an hour away that has the kind I want...I'll see, I would like to get them this winter if possible. I slept on the idea for a chicken tractor/coop. I didn't get any actual ideas in a dream or anything, but it was good to sleep on it. I have a few more ideas after reading what John Seymour has to say on chickens in Self Sufficient Gardening. I am definitely trying to keep everything light. That is the main thing. I'm looking at using pvc hoops and cover them with chicken wire.

I have so much to do right now. School. Garden. I can't wait until after Thanksgiving, when everything (at least school wise) slows down. I don't have anything outside of the home to do. So I can focus on preparing the garden more. Working on a few things, pyramids and water traps etc.

It is amazing how fast life will go by. What is there to look forward to? Really, the only thing to look forward to is another life, another life with Jesus! Life, eternity with Jesus! And to think, so many who deny the Word here on earth, who deny Jesus is Lord until death. They just don't see it do they? It makes you realize how thankful you are that He picked you. Why? For nothing in you. Aside from Christ you were JUST like that non christian standing over there. Reminds me of my favorite hymn, How Sweet and Awesome (awful in some old versions) is the Place. I cannot fathom eternity without Christ. Eternity. That is a big word. Too big to grasp what it means. I am so thankful that God saved this wretched sinner!

English Vintner