Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Going Well

Well, I am enjoying my self here at the conference. And I am looking forward to seeing my cousin and my family this weekend! I am a little disappointed that first Joel Belz had to leave and now Gary DeMar. It means they won't be doing any more lectures and they won't be answering questions. I think both of them are probably some of the students favorite speakers. One of the main reasons being that they didn't have notes. So, they were not tied down and having to stand behind the podium. Instead they could walk across the stage and interact better with the students. This is one thing that almost all the speakers did well last year. Jeff Roach spoke last year and had a power point, but what made him so popular was that he interacted A LOT with the students. He didn't have notes, and walked across the stage and asked a lot of questions from the students. The third best speaker is probably Pastor Robbins. Speaking on the fruit of the Spirit. Although he stays behind the podium he has a way to capture the students in a way some of the other speakers find harder to do.

All said I am enjoying the lectures. I am looking forward to the talent show (I will be playing my flute) on Friday night and the skit that some of the students do every year of Q&A of the speakers.

Anyway, cheerrio!

English Vintner