Monday, 27 August 2012

Why me?

Does it ever hit you? Just how amazing our God is? Does it make you want to cry, cry for joy, cry for wonderment, that our God, one who created Heaven and Earth would come down, die for us, and want a personal relationship with us. That, while thousands around us are dying and going to Hell, He chose us. Why? Why would some of us taste the everlasting life, to see Him reign the earth, to see His glory? Why would a God send people to Hell? Am I to make the judgement between right and wrong, when I am one human being out of billions, in a universe bigger than I can imagine, controlled by a God who spoke this all into existence? Why should I make the call between what is good and what is bad? I have no say in this matter of morality. This is God we’re talking about, he created each of us, individual and he created us to serve him, to love him. And if we don’t? We will live eternity without him. To my mind that seems wrong, that my fellow neighbor will not believe, and so he will go to Hell. While God, having out of his mercy chose me to trust Him, that I might live with him in glory. God, why?! How can this be? Tears come to my eyes as I fathom a God who would pick me. One who would hold me close to him. Comfort me, love me, give me gifts, bless me, while I, a sinner, continue to hurt him every time I disobey him. Why, Lord? Why me? Your love for me is unconditional. I can always come back to you, and you are waiting for me. You know my limits, my failings, and yet you help me all the way. His love is amazing, and his love is for me. I’ll except Him as my God, as my savior who set me free.

English Vintner