Wednesday, 11 September 2013


I'm reading through Bread and Wine by Shauna Niequist. She talks about how essential food is to good hospitality and conversation. The center point of it all.

Food should not be just a 'fuel' we consume to stay alive, but it should be the place where families come together to eat together. Supper is more than a time to pack in some calories, it's a time to reunite with family members, talk about the day, enjoy fellowship over good food. Food should be delicious and should be enjoyed. Good food and drink will make a wonderful party, providing good atmosphere for conversation.

The job of a host is to make people feel at home. Be able to be at ease in your home. Good food, and making people feel comfortable is essential to put people at ease. Food makes memories happen, it's what makes those perfect nights with friends. Food is not the real reason for parties and hangouts, it's simply the medium for fellowship and conversation with friends. It should be good, it should have thought put into it, people should love it, but it's only the medium to make the wonderful memories with family and friends. Think back to wonderful gatherings with family and friends, they center around holiday meals and food for a reason. Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same without the food, but the fellowship is what will change us and make us grow more and help eachother. Christmas is centered around food, but it's the time of being together that makes it so wonderful.

Food, as God made it should be nourishing to our bodies as well as pleasing to the eyes and mouth. We have to balance these and when we do we find the beauty in them. Food is an art, it's one of my favorite art forms because I'm so good at it. I find more delight in cooking than other forms of art like painting and music. I find myself in my element when I'm in the kitchen and things just come together and happen as I work. That is the joy of cooking and food.

So find the beauty in food. Make it, eat it, enjoy it. Find people to share the food with, food means fellowship, we're not meant to hoard it and eat alone, but with the people we love. So find someone, break a loaf of bread, and find the beauty of it.

English Vintner