Thursday, 13 January 2011


An update on my SEA-CROP experiment. My plants are all doing quite well over all, though you can definitely see a difference between the SEA-CROP pots and the others. At some point next week I will finish writing up my report for the Science Fair, but the experiment will not be over, I'll continue to let the beets and radishes grow to full size.

The first noticeable difference was faster germination. The SEA-CROP germinated several days faster than the ones without it. Growth was also more substantial. Looking at them right now, you can't tell a big difference with the beets and the radishes, but the lettuce is noticeably bigger with the SEA-CROP. I'll let the lettuce go another 2 weeks at max I think before I harvest, take pictures, and record.

I sent 5 books to my cousin in law, who got me started on weird theories of different things. A couple by Viktor Schauberger, Philip Callahan, and a few others. I'm glad to share them, be able to lend them out. We've had some fun email conversations about different things of late.

I'd still like to put together some work on Copper Tools. I actually found a place that would sell a couple of trowels, a weeder, and hand cultivator for $39.99. I hope to get it soon.

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