Thursday, 15 April 2010


God has been good, life has been full. I cleaned up the garage with the help of my younger siblings. It badly needed it, we use it as a wood shop and it gets messy. I can now work on a few projects without danger of serious death or injury. ; )

After that they helped me fill two rain barrels in trade for me helping them build a terrain for the LotR models they are into. I agreed and they hauled the water to fill 2 55 gallon barrels. I filled up the one with the hose first and than filled the other. I checked on the one with the hose and it was half empty. The spigot is broken, no matter which way you turn it water comes out. Rather than bother to return it I will probably just place the hose where I need water and fill it up. Its what I do half the time anyway.

The fruit order arrived at my cousins house today. I talked on the phone with him about how to keep everything from dying until next week when he comes. He put the asparagus and rhubarb in the fridge and put the others in pots. One of the raspberries was dead upon arriaval. Sent an email. If it is to complex I will not bother with refund. He is already planning on bringing me several apple cuttings, more red raspberries from them, and black raspberries. More blueberry cuttings, and grass seed. We will be working hard in the garden while he is here. Along with having to work a few days on the bread route, though I might be able to get my two younger siblings to go. That would be nice. Give us more time to work.

Anyway, can't talk a whole lot. 8.5 hours of sleep and about the same last night doesn't give me enough. And I am getting about the same tonight. But, I have fresh coffee and biscotti to look forward to. I have a deadline to till (the owners have to use it), so I will be doing the tilling I have put off until now tomorrow. Along with trying to fit in school. And probably end up doing some research about something on the internet. I love it!

Good night dear friends! Sleep well in peace, and God be with you!

English Vintner

"Such stuff as dreams are made on"-Shakespear, The Tempest