Sunday, 13 May 2012

Nature; God’s Sanctuary 
With a Bible in one hand and a mug of tea in the other he headed up into the woods. The soft rays of sunlight filtered through the green foliage around him. There was peace, a silence, something that drew him towards nature. To get away. To be alone, just him and God. To read His word, talk, pray, and just have some time to be with Jesus. The farther away from people, the closer I feel to God. The wildness of nature, the untameness, the unknown. Nature, God’s Sanctuary. Where his handiwork is still present, untouched by man. Where we marvel at his greatness in the big and small. A simple sunrise lights the sky a crimson red. This simple act of emergence, the beginning of a new day. The cares of yesterday forgotten. A fresh start to life. Everything made new again, wounds are healed and sins forgiven. To breath the cool morning air, to fill your lungs with life, feel the Holy Spirit present. As the sun sets, an end to the beginning, a promise of the dawn. Night lasts for a moment and the light of dawn will set you free. A new start a new beginning, bringing promise and reward.

English Vintner