Friday, 22 August 2014

Busy? Nah. . .

Sometimes I feel like I’m busy. I am a go getter in a lot of ways. You could liken me to one of those super Moms who works part time, runs around and cleans up the house, runs a side business and still has time to spend time with her kids. Except, I’m not a Mom, and I don’t have kids. I’m a 20 year old who’s not sure what’s going on, but I’m working 18+ hours a week at a restaurant (where we get slammed with 75+ people for lunch everyday!), one day a week (8-10hrs) working a bread route with my Dad, and starting a coffee roasting business selling at an early morning Saturday Farmers Market. 

When I’m not working for pay I’m running around the house tidying up the mess I may or may not have made because, I’m a little OCD about a messy house and I like the peace of a clean one, which is what I strive for.

You might find me planting seeds for a Fall Garden and figuring out how to keep the deer out of my garden without any electricity access. IE Using old tomato twine and orange construction netting to hinder those beastly creatures from gorging themselves on my tender shoots.

When I’m tired of gardening but still like sweating out-doors I might be seen running around like a maniac, throwing huge stones into a wheel barrow to landscape my patio project in the woods. Mixing up cement to throw together a wine bottle wall topped with a poured cement slab with tile to make a bench retaining wall.

I get up 6am three days a week to go to work at Stone Table Cafe. The one day I work with my dad we get up at 4am. On Saturdays I get up at 5:30am to prepare for Farmers Market, and on Sunday I get up at 7am to throw the sticky buns in the oven for breakfast. If you’re doing the math that leaves me with one more day out of the week. And because I love early mornings I often get up on my one day off because I like to enjoy my early mornings with peace, quiet, and coffee. 

Sleep? Who needs that anyway? I mean if you’re running a coffee roasting business you’re bound to have surplus coffee, which means a higher caffeine intake which substitutes for less sleep, right?

In other words, my life is never boring. 

I have to find time to make peace and quiet in my life. And, even though I’m somewhat introverted I love the loudness of a busy house, the constant busyness that I’m in. I work best under it. I’m glad I make time to write music and play guitar because those moments are often the few moments out of the day where I sit down and reflect and think. 

I have my hands in too many things, but I’m too afraid to pull them out. I’m like the monkey with his hands full of nuts in the bottle; my hands are stuffed and I can’t escape.

No, I love my life. I really do. I am making by with the income I have (by that I mean I’m a couple grand in the hole LOL), I still have time to make music, write songs, and do art. And every once in a while play a long game of Catan with my brothers!

English Vintner