Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Been at it again

I finally had my small fire down at the garden yesterday. I've been wanting to for a while, but it was too warm, and too dry. Partly I want to get rid of the wood in my garden (sticks and jazz) and I want the ashes. I want to make soap, but first I want to make lye. I think certain hardwood ashes are the best for making lye right? Beech or something are fairly good?

I have almost sifted all of my finished compost. I did another wheel barrow load yesterday. I have another wheel barrow load at least left. Then, I can turn my compost pile! I probably need to do that soon so that it can start working again before it gets too cold. I'll probably put some comfrey near the bottom and throughout the pile to keep it going strong. Maybe this winter I will spread it out of the garden, I'll see how it is.

Work on the apple grinder is coming along. I am hoping Wednesday I can pick up material, sheer nylon cloth, and hook up my motor and maybe disposal. I am hoping by Friday to have my grinder working. But, I'll probably use my friends press for grapes since I don't have time to make the press in time. My press if much more efficient especially for apples, and the way I'm doing it, but I think his will work. My press is not going to be as easy to transport. But it will do a good job when it is done. I wish we had cooler weather right now to keep the apples longer. Next year I wouldn't mind getting an extra 10 bushels to make into cider. That would be my senior year of high school. Of course, if I go to Johnson and Wales, than the next two Autumns I might be here and be able to get apples and press them. When I move out I will probably leave the grinder and press here until I get a house. Then we can make it an annual thing for me to get together with my other siblings in the area and my parents and make cider for everyone! Ahh...dreaming....

Well, I think I'd better go. I have some chemistry to do before this afternoon. So, I will leave you now.

English Vintner