Friday, 23 July 2010

Corn Missing

At this rate I am losing one stalk of corn a night. How many stalks can I afford to lose before they are 'ripe' enough for me? :) I am planning on mixing up some cucumber spray and spraying it on the corn from a few of my cucumbers.

The deer didn't seem to have eaten much, though they did trample down the beans again. I think next year I might have to see about interplanting cucurbit with EVERYTHING to keep the deer and coons away. The funny thing is that last year I had one wild pumpkin growing in the strawberry bed, and one morning a deer came by and ate all the leaves. I didn't think they really liked squash, but I guess it didn't have much else to eat.

I harvested all my rutabaga yesterday evening. 10 pounds before cutting off top and bottom. A measely amount to what I wanted to get. The biggest one was 3 inches in the middle. I plan on freezing them chopped to add to soups. If I get my greenhouse tilled up I plan on growing some this fall. I think the reason why I didn't get a good harvest were a few things. They should have been started earlier, more water during the drier times, and less bugs. The leaves had a LOT of holes in them.

Do wasps eat onion stems? I found a wasp on an onion stem and once it flew off I found that something had eaten away the stem revealing the hole inside. I was curious as to wether or not this was common. Also, basically all my shallot and onion stems have fallen over, is this normal?

I have plenty of compost composting. I have the one compost pile that is basically done, still condensing. And then the pile to its left is huge. Tons of stuff. Weeds, hay, kitchen scraps, rutabaga leaves. The hay that I got started composting. But it has sorta stopped. So I have hay that is whitish from the mold. So, I try not to breathe when I throw some over the compost.

I need to sort out my seeds again. I like that Johnny's seeds packets are probably the most informed seed packets I have gotten, but they don't have pictures on them that you can readily identify the packet. It probably saves costs, so that is a good thing though.

I can see the hops forming on my hop vine.

Well, I guess that is all.

God bless!

English Vintner