Tuesday, 22 May 2012


There really are few things more energizing and beautiful than a good sunrise. The colours explode all over the horizon, tinting clouds and sky alike.

I can't seem to get enough sunrises, the really good ones that just light up the sky from head to foot. That make me laugh out loud with joy because God is so beautiful and amazing!

There is a stillness, a quietness to the morning. YOu can be alone with God without the busyness of life getting in the way. To have the combination of quiet, peace with God, and seeing his creation, few things compare.

Why did God put such beauty here on earth? And the sunrise? It's amazing how beautiful the simple rising and the setting of the sun.

I can't think of a better place or time to begin your day. Out in creation, alone with God, reading His Word, praying, and seeing his promise of a new day.

The sunrise is God's promise of a new day. His sunset is a close to the day, and a promise of the coming dawn.

English Vintner