Friday, 29 October 2010


Well, I know quite a few people who are gardeners. And I wanted to share some of my knowledge that I have learned. And probably the least weird is SEA-CROP. Easy to explain, and makes sense. Not some magnetic trap or something. : ) So, I wrote this, it fits on one page, and my plan is to have a dozen or so on hand and give out to people who stop by or I can take it to them. I really want to get the word out about SEA-CROP, see the difference it will make in plants and animals. So, here it is. Fully edited version, oh and don't think this is of my originality, most of this I just copied off the SEA-CROP website, so, I'm not claiming to be the true author, I just want people to know about it.

SEA-CROP is one of the best things on the market for amending your soil. No, it’s not a fertilizer, but it sure helps your plants! It is inexpensive and all natural.

What is SEA-CROP?
SEA-CROP is a balanced formula from ocean water that has all the natural elements known to man. It develops healthy and energetic plants.

Do I need to apply SEA-CROP often?
No, one application per year for soil is all that is needed for annual plants although a split application or multiple applications may give enhanced results for some crops. Some plants under stress can benefit from an application of it. Also, foliar use requires multiple applications.

Does SEA-CROP stimulate the plant to produce more growth?
SEA-CROP stimulates the soil environment so the plant will grow healthier and reach its genetic potential, not just provide extra growth.

Can SEA-CROP be used for animals?
Yes, SEA-CROP has been approved as meeting the FDA requirements for use as a mineral supplement in animal nutrition. The recommended rate is .04 milliliters per kilogram of body weight per day added to the drinking water.

Benefits of SEA-CROP
1.Increases soil microflora
a.Nitrogen fixing and other bacteria.
b.Phosphorous leaching and other fungi.
2.Improves soil tilth and aeration.
3.Makes plants healthier, more disease and insect resistant.
4.Makes plants more drought and transplant tolerant.
5.Fruits become larger and much better tasting.
6.Keeping quality is enhanced.
7.Mineral and vitamin content is increased.
8.Growing cycle shortened by weeks.
9Crop yields are increased 15% to 35%
10Product is organic.

In full, SEA-CROP is something that every farmer needs to be using, whether it is the home gardener or a full scale conventional farmer. What farmer doesn’t want an increase of yields using less fertilizer? For more information on SEA-CROP, buying it, and testimonials, a link is provided at the bottom of page.

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