Saturday, 10 July 2010


Well well. I just spent $500! Yipes! The most amount of money I've ever spent on one thing at one time.

The thing is, I expect to get back all my money (and or more) by selling what I just bought. You see, I just bought 5000 corks, yes that was thee zeros. The last time I ordered was I think a year ago (no, I think it was back in march of last year) and I bought 1000 corks. Well, I have 485 left, and someone just asked me if I had any left, he wants 500+. So, I just now ordered the corks, I hope them to arrive soon.

I am making one cent off of each cork I sell, so if he buys 500 corks I get $5. But, see, the more he buys, the better deal he gets, the worse deal I get. If you are only buying 100 or 200 I get quite a bit of money. If you only want 30-50 I make even more. I started this business when I cam across a place that sold wine corks, wholesale pricing.

I advertise on a wine and beer forum I am on, and that is where I have gotten most of my customers. Though, I have a few friends who also buy from me. Yup, an entrepreneur at aget 15.

So, anybody want to buy some corks? :) I have made probably about $50 off of my business so far. It is not a whole lot of money, but it is fun, and I am learning more about dealing with orders and business, which is good.

Have fun!

English Vintner