Thursday, 30 September 2010


Ahh...wonderful comfrey, where would the organic gardener be without it? (I'm not really sure)

Comfrey is from the borage family, and grows very strong. A plant being as strong as it is you would think to spread easily, but it doesn't. If you plant one clump, it will not expand much. That is not to say that it is not propagated easily, on the contrary. Almost any little rootlet will sprout comfrey! So, beware when propagating that you watch where every rootlet falls, or you might have comfrey where you don't want it.

Comfrey has been used as a medicine at least in humans for years and years. But, recent research has shown that there is an alkaloid (I think it is, could be wrong) that is not good, and that it should not be taken internally. The link I will post at the end will have you believe in internal ingestion of comfrey tea. It does wonders for you, I have no doubt, but I wonder if there are any side affects from that, alkaloid. The article was published in '74, so I am not sure how the author thinks of it now.

I will probably be feeding comfrey to my chickens this spring. And, after reading the article I will be propagating comfrey this fall!!!! I would like to set a whole bed of it up (4x10ft).

Comfrey is great for the compost as an activator. You can make a 'tea' with it. Take the leaves, and put them in a bucket, and put a lid on it. As the comfrey decomposes it will turn into a liquid. Dark and rich!

Comfrey is great to lay down where you will be planting something that will need fertilizer for a good long while. It will provide it. Great for potatoes! It is rich in Phosphorus.

Do your own research on it, and determine for yourselves wether or not to use it internally for healing all sorts of ailments. It's probably better than most of the junk you get at the hospital anyway.

English Vintner

P.S. If you have not been on the Whizbang site before, please take a moment and check it out. I really like the guy. A christian, and an inventor. He has his own homestead buy likes to make things the most efficient. Like whizbang apple cider grinder and press and such! This leads to his cider page, click on other links to read about gardening, chicken ranging and other categories.