Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Early Mornings

I am riding in the car with Jether driving back from Baltimore. 6:45am, we’ve both been up for over 3 hours after going to bed close to 11pm. Last night while we were talking with Greg I asked him how he was getting to the airport because I was curious, he said he was probably getting a taxi because he had to leave at 4am and didn’t think we’d want to take him. I wasn’t that interested but Jether said he was willing to do it. We found out the airport was in Baltimore and Jether called his Aunt Phyllis and asked if they would be up around 5:30 tomorrow for us to pick up beer stuff. She said they usually get up around that time on Tuesdays so that would work out fine. We went to bed after some gazpacho and we’d sampled an organic gluten free beer. 

I woke up at 3:30am less then 5 hours after going to bed. Jether tied the leg of the turkey to the wall so that it could freely move around the pen we’d put it in so we could humanly keep it from eating until butcher time. I respect animals, more so than a lot of people I know. I respectfully understand that we must eat them in order to live and maintain good health, and I don’t take it for granted that we have to kill a living creature in order to eat. We should respect animals, but God gave them to us for eating and I believe it is hard to maintain good health without a healthy diet of animal relating foods; eggs, milk, meat, fat, etc. A strictly vegetarian diet is not very healthy. We will butcher the turkey this morning after picking for CSA. We caught the turkey yesterday (it gave me a nice gash on my wrist when I caught it) and put it underneath the barn in a pen so that it would have about 24 hours without food for the gizzard wouldn’t be so messy.

I toasted some bread and brewed the last of my joe that I had. I only drink my own stuff. I don’t think I could get addicted to coffee because I will only drink fresh roasted, I will not drink Maxswill, or other brands. I just won’t. I am dedicated to the flavor not the caffeine. I brewed it and poured it into my travel mug, a stainless steel one I picked up off the side of the road, much better than plastic. Greg came down at 3:45am and we told him I wanted to go to help with directions. We left at 4am to go the airport, Greg driving. We talked some about my starting a CSA and my potential job in CA, and then about Rocklands Farm. It was good, I’m glad I could go and talk with him one last time and say good bye. He’s a really cool guy. We dropped him off at the airport and headed north about 12 miles to Jether’s Uncle Paul’s house. We arrived at around 5:50am, picked up the equipment. It made me want to make beer when I get back. We left at around 6:15am and headed back. We got a little bit lost with it being Baltimore and changing names and jazz, but with one person with a map to look at and one person driving it made it much easier. Jether was glad I came with him for the sake of directions. 

Just four more days here at the farm. The work load is going to be pretty good and not a whole lot of spare time. Jether’s planning to order seeds to my house and I’ll get a little bit as well. 

English Vintner