Sunday, 1 February 2009

Wines I have made

I have been adding up the batches I have made. I think this is all of them. This does not count the batches that have gone bad, one or two.

Wine I’ve Made

5 gal. Riesling Wine%? White cran strawberry%12 Tea %?
3 gal. Hard Cider%14-17
5 gal.Wildberry Shiraz %6.5
5 gal. Cran-Blueberry%?11
3 gal. Cran-Pomegranite
3 gal. Strawberry
1 1/2 gal. Blueberry Port
1 gal. Plum Port
1 gal. Pineapple Port
1 gal. Banana
1 gal. Whitecran Peach
6.5 gal. Concord Cranberry
5 gal. Dessert Wine
1 gal. Cranberry
1 1/2 gal. cabbage
7 gal. cider
4 gal. Fig port
5 gal. blackberry
5 gal. exotic fruits white zin

Thats about 63 gallons of wine
And about 315 bottles

I consider it a small amount made. And I hope to make
52 batches of wine this year alone.

1 comment:

  1. Cabbage wine, wow! My dad made sauerkraut once, when he was living with his parents, and he put it in his closet to wound up exploding. Or maybe that was the apple cider vinegar...
    Have you ever made kraut? we tried it last fall, amidst jokes from my dad that you just keep moving the crock from place to place in the house as the smell becomes unbearable. We never had the courage to eat it.