Saturday, 14 August 2010

I built a cold frame today. Using scrap 2x6s and 4x4s I got out of the trash. It fits one of the windows I have, which is 31x32". I need to make another identical one, and two bigger ones that will fit a door.

The tiller almost works, I am positive it is gunk or water in the fuel line or carburetor. So, I need to figure out what the carburetor is and take it off and soak it in cleaner, I also need to clean out the fuel line. The pull string works great, better then it did. I am hoping when my dad has an hour or two he can help me locate and remove the carburetor. My Uncle Bill took a look at it when he was here 2 weeks ago and told me what to do, and then three days ago gave me an email of what to do about it.

My peas are 4 inches tall. My one sweet potato vine is doing something. : )

I did a little more research on repelling deer, and have decided on a method I want to try. Take 2.5 pounds of blood meal (yuck!) and 1 cup of ammonia. Mix it together, and take sticks and soak them in it, let them dry and put them around your garden, the deer don't like the smell. I have a few other ideas if that doesn't work, but these seemed to be the best, I may still try to do the fishing line around the garden beds also.

My brassica and cover crop has not showed its self yet, I'm not surprized, I just hope they will not die before they germinate, I used up all the brussels sprouts seeds, and most of the kale.

I picked up 4 bags (quite heavy each) of lawn clippings.

I'm just starting to get a few peppers, got another tomato, Thomas Jefferson.

I think that the reason my onions didn't do very well were a couple of reasons, one for certain, not good enough soil, onions need extremely fertile soil according to what I read, so next year besides adding lots of compost (and hopefully manure too) I will probably do a few side dressings along the season of blood meal. I will also start earlier, onions can stand some cold, so I will probably start them off in February or March in the greenhouse.

Compost is doing great, about time to turn the middle pile. I need to pull up weeds and corn for the compost.

Oh! My cucumbers I planted in June are bearing!!! And the pole beans are getting ready to too! I am excited!

Math is going pretty well. I have one more lesson, a test, and then maybe a long test, I'm not sure.

I will be doing a class on Viticulture/vineyards/grapes in three weeks, and have been doing some research. I have everything in my head, I just need to figure out what to take out and put on paper.

Well, I'd better go. Have a blessed Sabbath.

English Vintner