Sunday, 17 October 2010


Images of ginseng.

I am doing some more research on ORMUS water and traps. The biggest problem with magnetic water traps is the amount of water they 'waste'. It can take many many gallons to get a glassful of ORMUS water. My Uncle is looking at hooking it up to his house, so that the waste water goes into his pipes eliminating the waste.

Sometimes I forget that what I believe is not what the general public thinks. Many of the things I study, pyramids, ORMUS water, people ignorant of what it is behind it will laugh. And, I can see where they came or are coming from, I used to be one of them, though not to the extent many are. The skeptics, never get as far as we do. They are not exploring.

I will not one aspect of ORMUS water. I think it needs to be regulated carefully, as far as human consumption. You can get a 'buzz' from it. Also, there seems to be something 'living' about it. I guess that is where the healing power comes from. But, people have seen little men come out of a glass of ORMUS water that was covered with aluminum foil. We really need to be careful about many of these exciting 'out breaks' we are discovering. There are many supernatural powers at work all around us. Spirits, and others. The leperchaun I believe is not just something somebody made up from nothing. Although you have a lot people faking the show, you have real stuff. Dangerous. This world is full of mystery, some of it we will find out, some of it is to wonder at.

English Vintner