Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Life is but a journey, and it’s road is all too short,
For when the road becomes a rut, and mud is turned to dirt
We’ll look on the horizon, and see the setting sun,
But knowing in our hearts, the day has just begun,
It’s hard to see the sun shine, when tears obscure the view,
For tears like rain are falling, like grace for me and you,
Like sharp thorns on a rose bush, they guard their beauty well,
So thorns upon our saviors brow, he died and went through hell,
But earth could not contain this man, who lived a sinless life,
For all the sin within this world, and all this hellish strife,
Could not contain the Son of Man, who died for you and me,
So, life is but a journey, and you decide the road,
But some day then, the journey ends, and your road decides your fate.

English Vintner