Wednesday, 19 January 2011


This doesn't have much to do with anything in particular...just something I was thinking about recently. Work, should we enjoy what we do as work? If you don't, maybe you should? Maybe God has you in that job for a reason, to be a light to those around you. Maybe you shouldn't be looking for that job that you like that will 'fulfill' you. The fact is, without Christ you will have no fulfillment in life. However, that wasn't quite what I was going to say when I wrote the topic title of work. I was remembering times with my best friend.

Last year, my cousin came over to my house for several longish periods of time. The main reason was to help on my garden, that was what we did. Those are some of the best times in my life. We would wake up at 6am, get out axes, picks, and tools. Spend the whole day working. Take a shower, and enjoy sometime talking before bed. Wake up and do the same. Ahh...those are the days. Spring, the ground is warm, the mornings are cool, and you enjoy working the soil. I look forward again to those days of spring. I won't have as much work though now. I have to keep up with what I have. Which means, tilling the ground again, weeding, keeping down weeds, and planting on time. You feel most motivated in early spring, you've gone months without green leaves covering the trees. It has been cold for so long. The days are warm, the nights are cool. Just the right temperature to keep you getting up early and working, and then resting in the shade when it gets too hot.

I cannot wait until the Spring time. I cannot wait to work again in the soil, feel the dirt, the gurgling creek, the warm sunny days, slowly drifting by.

English Vintner