Monday, 4 July 2011

Peru Mission Trip

The mission trip I was on last week was to Peru. It was an amazing week, spending time with people from church, spending time with the missionaries, with the peruvians, and getting to know the Maddux's better (I met Shelby at BWSC 2 years ago). I believe God used us to plant a seed where we were working, showing the neighborhood what a christian is like. Our main purpose as we worked in construction and the medical team was to bring the peruvians to the churches, that when we left they would attend the church, growing the church stronger in Peru. Below and following posts are from my journal that I kept during my time there.

Friday June 24 We drove (Londa, Papa and I) with mama to the DeBoers arriving at 3:30pm. We drove down to the church with Mr and Mrs DeBoer. We arrived at 4:15pm loaded our baggage into two vehicles and went into the fellowship hall to have a devotional, prayer, sing, and discuss the plans of the trip.
We left the church around 5:00pm in two vehicles and headed to the airport. We arrived, checked in our carry on, went through security and waited at our gate. We played Up and Down the River with Londa, Papa, Kevin and I. After we finished that game Mr DeBoer started teaching us a Dutch card game. It was at that point we heard that our flight was delayed several hours. About 30 minutes later we were told the flight was canceled due to thunderstorms in Miami. So, after realizing that we couldn’t get a later flight that night we headed back to the church and for most of us, back to our own beds.
I went home and Isaiah and Josiah were watching Clash of the Titans. So, I stayed up until 11:50pm watching that, eating homemade pizza and doughnuts, and opening my new coffee roaster and trying to read the instructions manual. I roasted my first batch of coffee after the movie and set up my Mill and Brew coffee maker I had just bought for the morning.
Saturday June 25 3.5 hours later I woke up at 4:07am, got dressed, got some coffee and we were on our way to the DeBoers. We arrived all of us at 5:15am at the church, left again to the airport with the same vehicle arrangements.
We arrived and soon found out the flight to Miami was full. So, we found out that the flight to Ft. Lauderdale was open and checked into that flight. We got to Ft. Lauderdale and got in three rented cars and drove 20 minutes to Miami airport. We got in and checked in for a 7:15pm flight to Lima Peru. We got to Peru around 12:00am, got picked up by Alleen who took us through to where we would depart at 6:15am to Trujillo Sunday morning.

I have edited it once when I was typing it from my hand written journal, excuse any other errors found in it.

muchas gracias,
English Vintner