Thursday, 17 June 2010


I went out to the garden, to check on all the vines we planted up past the fence on our property. A lot of the vines were doing well. A saw a few good watermelon vines, they probably need help with weeds though. I got distracted and picked about 1 1/2 cups of blackberries, growing wild. I left hundreds more, and hope to maybe go out with siblings tomorrow morning.

I probably need to harvest a couple more cucumbers. I didn't get down to the garden until it was too late in the morning, and all the zucchini flowers were closed. They open early in the morning, and close in the heat. I would guess 6 hours maybe they are open?

I have two more raspberries that will be ripe in two days. And than probably a few dozen red ones later, and than a dozen black raspberries. For some reason the yellow raspberry canes I got, they bore fruit, but than the flowers/fruit shriveled up. So, probably it would have born fruit, but the trasnplanting disturbed the roots and so it couldn't keep up with the fruit. My guess anyway.

I should harvest a few zucchinis tomorrow. Beans soon too. I need to freeze the ones I have I guess, if we are not going to use them soon. I have figured out what kind of beans I want to save for next year. I grew mainly 3 different kinds. I grew bush bean that were suppose to be eaten like green beans I think, but they are big and fat and kinda weird for eating like green beans. But, I grew two kinds of green beans and I really like those better. So I will save some of the seed for next year. I have planted all my bean seeds for the year. Some of the ones I plant should be flowering in a few weeks, hopefully tiding me over to August or later.

I still need to put in an order for seeds, but some changes have gone on that will make me change up what I am buying.

Anyway, time to go!

English Vintner