Thursday, 6 October 2016


Sometimes you get to the end of a long day, and it’s not even past 8 o’clock but you’re tired. And you really want to work on some music, because your thoughts have been going crazy and the swirling of emotions with the coming of a new season, cool weather, friendships and all of life’s crazy tangents that she throws at you. And of course for a song writer, someone who processes through writing, through poetry, through the uniting of words with music, this is all fodder. It’s merely a matter of sorting through, and picking up the pieces that are worth saving. Finding the phrases that match with the next set of words. To be honest I think I am more naturally lyrically gifted than I am with music. By that I mean I can write more songs than I can put to music. Which leaves me in the tough decision of what song is the best and work on that one. I don’t have a book or a manual to go off of, I’ve only got my experience with song writing and listening to others express their talents. I don’t know if I’m doing it right, but maybe it will be original. I’m not always sure that it’s the best out there, but it’s me. I think God gives all of us talents, and he doesn’t want us to bury them in the ground. He tells us to make the most with what we’ve been given. So honestly, I’m just trying to take what I’ve been given and go with it. But like I said, I’m too tired. I’m sore, physically tired, and I would rather just go to bed. So I compromise, by going downstairs to listen to Grace Vanderwaal (look her up, she’s awesome!) and drink some raw milk with dark chocolate chips.