Friday, 8 October 2010

First Frost?

Right now it looks like our first possible frost is October 21. The weather forecast says right now (could easily change) that it will be a low of 34ºF, which means close to 32ºF where we are. But, 32ºF is a pretty light frost, and most of what I have growing can probably take a light frost.

I have pole beans that are growing for seed. Peas that are for eating. Raspberries that are continuing to produce several a day! Kale, brussels sprouts, some other brassica, cauliflower or broccoli. Some mustard (for compost bulk), basil! I need to get my basil in. I need to pot up a few plants and bring them inside.

I have not gotten my money from the fair, and have not ordered the plastic for the greenhouse yet.

I'm gonna try to make some more cider today. Hopefully with more help this time.

See ya! Have a great day!

English Vintner