Saturday, 8 May 2010

Garden Time

Well well well. I have been busy. Though I think I have had more fun than school lately.

The garden is doing well, though the dreaded aphids are back again, and silk worms are eating my brassica. The silk worms seem to come in patterns. I am assuming the moth or butterfly lays the eggs and they are hatching every 1-2 weeks. I experienced this last year when I tried to grow cabbage. But the soil didn't have enough nitrogen (other than that the soil was awesome) and the silk worms came every week and it was all I could do to keep them off.

My chinese cabbage is doing quite well, I think we should be able to eat it soon. My peas are actually flowering, my cousin said they are probably doing this because the plant is under stress, so it seeds sooner than usual. So, I will probably get a small crop of peas. I am hoping to get a better crop this fall.

I actually found out something that surprized both me and my cousin. My black currant, that I bought just a few months ago, is flowering! This is the first year I have had it, so it looks like I will be getting a small crop of berries this year!!!! I am amazed!

My tomato plants seem to be doing well. My potato plot has not come up yet, though I am not very anxious, I planted most of them before many eyes came on them. Most of the other fruit is doing well, though I don't see any flowers. My niagara grape vine has reached the top of the fence, and will soon reach the ends of the fence. I hope that next year, or the year after that I get a few bunches of grapes!

The other grape vines I planted are doing well. Most have sprouted. My beans are doing quite well.

The bee keeping business seems to be coming along well. I am hoping to get together with my friend sometime this week so we can get everything organized and do some stuff together. We have not gotten bees yet, he talked to another person who was cheaper and he has not talked to me yet if he has answered him. Tomorrow we should be setting a time, and hopefully have a better idea of where we are getting the bees.

Well, its time for me to go have some sparkling juice and raspberry trifle!! Celebrating my sisters birthday tonight! I made one of the angel food cakes (from scratch!) for the trifle!

English Vintner