Thursday, 1 May 2014

The Masterpiece We're Living

Life always seems to be so up and down, why does it do that to you? Why does it show you one thing and do another? Unpredictable. We can cure cancer and can land on Mars but we still haven’t figured out how to predict the future. We think we’re so smart, so capable of anything.

Why is life so confusing? So many ropes tugging at you, pulling you in every direction. Which one to take? The road is dividing before my eyes. Why make plans anyway, there is no way to be certain of anything. The only thing certain is uncertainty. Is there more to life than this. 

Is there a limit to the limitless? A stirring for the restless. Something deeper here. Can one fathom the unfathomable of life? Is there an artist for this canvas? An author for this story? A director for this play?

If we are the spot on the canvas, the character in the story, the actor for this play than shouldn’t we live like we are? If we know the director of this tale, then what is there to worry? We know how it ends, it is alright in the end. In the end we get rescued by the prince. In the end the veil is lifted and we see all thing clearly. Looking back at the story everything makes sense, it’s only in the moment that we cannot see past our predicament. 

When you’re not sure you like the picture just wait, it’s not finished yet. He’s still painting the canvas. When you’re stuck in a tight spot and there’s no way out, don’t give up, in the end you are rescued. When you are not sure who you are and how to act, don’t worry, your character is not finished. In the end everything is alright. The wrong is undone, the evil destroyed, the monster comes to an end. This fairy tale turns out alright, and everyone knows that tension is what makes a great story. When you’re on the edge of your seat waiting to turn the page, knowing that he will get out of the scape he’s in. It’s exciting, it’s an adventure, it’s the masterpiece that we’re living in. 

English Vintner