Saturday, 1 May 2010


I just read March Action by Will Sutherland. It is encouraging to hear what he is doing, I always try to savor each section that he writes. If you don't know the website (forgotten or other) than I can send you the link.

I have killed a lot of the aphids by spraying with garlic oil, dishsoap water. I just hope that the peas will regain strength to grow some more from the damage done by the aphids. I also hope that the oil in the water that is now coating the leaves is not causing any 'burning' on the plant. I know it said to not spray on sunny days, but I figure, either they get eaten by aphids or they might get burned? I found that the peas up here in the bed had aphids TOO!!! Why peas??? I also sprayed the strawberries. But with the strawberries I was able to concentrate the spray on the stems and lower down verses the leaves. I have heard that ahpids don't like garlic (next year I will interplant garlic with EVERYTHING! :) so I did that, I can still see the bodies of the dead aphids, but I can see more on the peas again. So, I will be spraying more this evening.

The grapevines came last night. I planted 4 of them on the fence already, hope to get the rest of them planted. It appears that I got an extra 2 Muscat grape vines. So, I will split them, give you an extra one and me an extra one. I am not altogether sure what grapevines you get, so I will go back and check. I will be putting your grapevines in pots and bring them to you when I see you.

This was taken from an email to a good friend and gardener of mine, incase it sounds a little bit more odd than some of the other posts.

No time to dilly dally. I still have more stuff to plant before the sun goes down! Bee hives are coming along well! Cheers!

English Vintner

p.s. Here is the link to Will Sutherlands website: