Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Home again

Well, I am home again. My cousin and I went to bed Sunday night at 11:30 and woke up at 5:40. We walked around their property and looked at soil. We wanted to till up some space to plant corn and other stuff, but the ground ended up being too wet.

So, we went back to the house and did some hoeing and some planting. Planted beans and tomatoes. Finally went inside to see what everyone was doing. Than Uncle Tim, Casey, Isaiah, Emma?, Jether, Lynnea, Londa and I got in Uncle Tim's truck and drove down to their mailbox and picked up wood from a tree that had fallen. We collected it and drove back up. Dumped it. Than we picked peaches off of their peach tree, the ones that are rotten. Than we talked about stuff and had fun hanging out, and went back to the house. Where between two trees was strung a metal pipe, and running through it was a rope. So we had fun racing to see who could climb the tree, go across the pole and back the fastest. Finally we went in and ate lunch. After lunch, finally we left. We stopped by the shed and picked up carpenter bee traps and Casey gave me some ginseng (thank you Casey!) plants.

We got on the road and headed over to Uncle Dan's. We got to his house a little before 4pm. We hung out for a while and around 5pm we headed down to their camp site by the creek out back. We got a fire started and talked until all the people were down and the food was down at the camp site.

We had fun, the food was hot dogs, corn bread salad, and smores. Everything was high fructose corn syrup free! I was surprized they were able to get stuff without it in it.

We left their house at 8:38pm. Isaiah drove and talked, and I tried to stay awake. Around 11pm Papa and I switched places and I was in the front seat. I think Isaiah was probably the only one who didn't fall asleep at one time. I kept my self awake by first, taking a drink of ice water and spewing it down my chest! :) Second, by slaping my face. Third, by eating an apple. But, by about 1:13am I couldn't last any longer (I had been up since 5:40am) and went to sleep for about 22 minutes. And than I was half asleep and half awake till we got home.

WHen I got home I harvested a zucchini that was growing right outside the house.

I got up this morning at 9:27am and went down to the garden. Everything was SO big! Including the weeds! Good thing I mulched before I left! :) I harvest 3 more zucchini, bigger than they should have been.

I found a deer came last night or the night before and ate some bitter lettuce, a few tops of beans, and trampled all over my beds. :) I wasn't too sad, it didn't do much. My greenhouse is in very bad shape right now. I am hoping that Thursday maybe I can get it fixed. Basically I am having trouble keeping three pieces of plastic on my roof. I am going to try ducktape this time, in the past I used packing tape.

So, that is where I am. At home again. But, this afternoon we leave to go camping. We will stay until Thursday morning I think the plan is. So, I need to go roast some coffee and help pack!

English Vintner