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Benefits of SEA-CROP

Our field testing (Ambrosia, SEA-CROP) has demonstrated that SEA-CROP:

1. Increases cellular respiration
2. Makes plants more phototropic.
3. Increases photosynthesis.
4. Increases carbohydrate content of sap by Brix refractometer testing.
5. Increases soil microflora
6. Nitrogen fixing and other bacteria.
7. Phosphorous leaching and other fungi.
8. Improves soil tilth and aeration.
9. Makes plants healthier, more disease and insect resistant.
10. Has saved diseased orchards.
11. Has lessened the need for insecticide.
12. Makes plants more drought tolerant.
13. Makes plants more transplant tolerant.
14. Fruit become larger and much better tasting.
15. Keeping quality is enhanced.
16. Mineral and vitamin content is increased.
17. The growing cycle is shortened by weeks.
18 Crop yields are increased 15% to 35%
19. Application is easy and inexpensive.
20. Product is organic.
21 Nontoxic.

What is SEA-CROP?

SEA-CROP is a natural source balanced formula from ocean water that has all the natural elements known to man. It develops healthy and energetic plants.

Is this product safe to use?

SEA-CROP is a natural liquid that is as safe to use as water.

Can SEA-CROP be used for all plants?

Yes, SEA-CROP's formula is the same for all plants but application rates vary. Please follow recommended rates closely.

Will I damage my plants if I apply too much SEA-CROP?

It would take an application error in excess of 100 % to experience a detrimental affect to your plants.

Is SEA-CROP a fertilizer?

No, SEA-CROP is not a fertilizer but does have a lot of the nutritive elements that are in many commercial fertilizers. SEA-CROP is a natural liquid soil amendment that works in all plant applications. It is the active organic substances it contains working together with all those trace elements that make it so effective.

Do I need to apply SEA-CROP often?

No, one application per year for soil applications is all that is needed for annual plants although a split application or multiple applications may give enhanced results for some crops. Also, some plants when stressed can benefit from an additional application. Alfalfa after cutting is a good example.
Foliar use requires multiple applications for maximum results.

Does SEA-CROP stimulate the plant to produce more growth?

SEA-CROP stimulates the soil environment so the plant will grow healthier and reach its genetic potential, not just provide extra growth.

Would SEA-CROP still improve yield if I use leading biological products?

Yes! The microbes in the soil are reduced by tillage and pesticide applications. Biological products are useful and are applied to increase micro-organism populations that work to provide a healthier soil environment in which the plant can grow. SEA-CROP can increase the effect of biological products by stimulating the growth of soil organisms. Remember, SEA-CROP acts as a catalytic trigger in the soil environment by stimulating the growth of soil organisms needed for the plant to be healthy and maximize its fruit or seed bearing potential.

Is SEA-CROP approved for use in organic farming?

Yes, SEA-CROP has been approved by the Washington State Department of Agriculture as being in compliance with the United States Department of Agriculture's National Organic Program and is approved for use in certified organic operations. SEA-CROP has also been approved by Oregon Tilth for use in certified organic farming.

Is SEA-CROP affordable and can I buy SEA-CROP in a variety of quantities?

Yes, SEA-CROP is affordable. House plants cost just pennies to treat once a year. Farm crop application costs are much less than any pesticide or herbicide application cost to the farmer and SEA-CROP helps the crop withstand the stress of these applications. SEA-CROP markets the product in several sizes from small containers for the homeowner/gardener to bulk deliveries for the large corporate farms.

Can Sea-Crop be used for animals?

Yes, SEA-CROP has been approved as meeting the FDA requirements for use as a mineral supplement in animal nutrition. The recommended rate is .04 milliliters per kilogram of body weight per day added to the drinking water.

Directions For Use

Application of diluted Sea-Crop to moist soil followed by irrigation gives the best results. The product should not be applied to dry soil unless heavily diluted.

Dilution: Always dilute Sea-Crop with water prior to use. Use at a concentration at or less than 2% strength. One gallon of Sea-Crop added to 49 gallons of water equals a 2% solution. Five tablespoons (two and a half ounces) per gallon equals a 2% solution.

Annuals: For optimum results Sea-Crop may be applied directly to the soil at planting or early in the life cycle of annual plants.

Perennials: For well established perennial crops, apply just before or during the active growth period. An application just before entering dormancy may also be beneficial.

Foliar Spray: Sea-Crop diluted to a 1% solution can be used as a foliar spray. A minimum of 3 applications per season applied at 1 to 3 week intervals are recommended. Customers have reported that ½% solution of Sea-Crop works well to suppress both powdery and downy mildews.

Garden Produce: Apply 2 to 4 gallons of SEA-CROP concentrate per acre.

Field and Row Crops: Apply 2 to 4 gallons of SEA-CROP concentrate per acre.

Trees and Orchards:

Medium size trees (size 3-6 feet): use 4 oz SEA-CROP per tree not to exceed 10 gallons per acre.

Large trees (size 6-12 feet): use 6 oz SEA-CROP per tree not to exceed 10 gallons per acre.

Potted Plants: Use a 1/2% solution for soil applications and 1% solution for foliar applications.

Root Dip:

Transplants: Briefly immerse the transplant in a ½% solution of Sea-Crop.

Bare Root Plants: Briefly immerse the exposed roots in a 1% solution of Sea-Crop.

The yields given when plants are treated with SEA-CROP is 10-20% more. That does not include the added mass of the plant tissue when treated with SEA-CROP. For more information on SEA-CROP, testimonials, and trials go here: http://www.sea-crop.com/index.html

To buy it, visit this web address: http://www.sea-crop.com/order.html

I bought some last year, used it in a few trials, I'm looking forward to this year with it. I bought a gallon and have been giving it away to gardening friends as gifts.

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