Monday, 21 June 2010


I harvested 4 cucumbers early this morning. I then cleared away the weeds (I have my cucs growing on the property fence behind my greenhouse) and hoed it, keeping it cleared of weeds.

Maybe it is because I don't have to do much hoeing that I enjoy it so much. I really enjoy hoeing around plants and such. But, the method I use doesn't really offer me a whole lot of space to hoe because I plant my plants close enough together that all the weeding is done by hand because a hoe won't fit inbetween the plants.

Later this afternoon, around 3pm I went back out. I planted the rest of my corn that I had. I am planning on doing the three sisters, except it will be two sisters cause I don't have beans to plant with the corn. So, it will be corn in mounds and squash growing around. I planted most of the corn in mounds in one terrace, and than I did one row of it on the next terrace up. Mostly because it will provide some shade, and look nice. I think I have enough other corn to keep us going. :) If I get half of what I plant it will be plenty. I think I have planted 500 corn stalks. About 200-250 were planted in a 2x20ft row behind the strawberries. And than I planted some where the lettuce was. And than I planted a small patch in one of the terraces we made, and than another spot. So, I have it in four different places. I think the first ones will be ready to eat mid August, and than I planted the other ones a week later, 2 weeks later, and than 4-5 weeks later. So, we will be getting corn late into the year.

I planted some summer lettuce when I planted some of the corn, and that is coming up. I still have some leaf lettuce left, it seems to be doing alright. It is on the other side of the zucchini, so it gets a fair amount of shade.

I watered the corn I planted. I than ate two black raspberries, it was my reward for gardening. It was the first time I had ever had a black raspberry, I like them. :)

I mounded some of the potatoes I planted. I have them planted in a square and sectioned off into four sections. Two of the sections have quite a few potatoes, the other two are not doing so well. I wonder if a lot of them rotted in the ground? Anyway, I mounded it with compost and leaves. I hope to get to the other section soon as well.

I did a lot of weeding, mostly in the potato plot and around paths.

Well, I can't remember what else I did, though, I did cut some oregano. Maybe we will go blackberry picking this evening!

Till next time!

English Vintner