Friday, 19 June 2009

Ah, a little tired. Got up at 4am and went to work, worked like mad till 11am. So, a little worn out.

The garden seems to be going well, cantaloupe producing flowers, cucumbers, pumpkins, carrots, cabbage. Those are doing the best, then I have quite a lot of other stuff that is going slow.

I am getting a few strawberries each day or so. I think I should be getting quite alot next year though. Speaking of next year, I am planning on doing bees next year. Probably 1 hive to start. It will help polinate the raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, and if I have a garden their. So yeah, it sounds like fun!

On to winemaking. I bought one gallon of blueberry kiwi juice, it has some corn syrup, but I don't really care. So, I should be starting that soon. I think I have gotten back into the mood for doing wine. So I am hoping tonight to bottle some wine. Empty out some carboys and get ready to fill them back up.

So many things to do this summer, I have to make a batch of Merlot this summer, I promised a bottle to a friend, thing is, I don't want to use a kit. And my lhbs doesn't sell just the grape concentrate for it, so now I have to pay $10 shipping!! Makes me mad.

At then before the end of summer I have to buy a glass demijohn, 15 gallons. I will do a batch of cranberry and strawberry, each batch will be 75 bottles. : ) Haha!

I think I will be bottling the concord cran next, and maybe some grape, pineapple, pineneedle. And then transfer my dandelion, it started off on its own whlie I was at a conference for a week. So, I let it go, I need to check the s.g. and add sugar to bump up the alcohol. It was only as sweet as the white grape juice that was the main thing in it.

Well, I feel quite tired. So I shall sign off.

English Vintner