Friday, 8 February 2013

Behind the Curtains

This is a poem, dedicated and about my amazing sister Londa. A better actor would be hard to find, someone who's love for theater is greater than most. Dedication to an amazing production, willingness, hard, you. are. amazing. How can I say thank you? How can I possibly know exactly what you're feeling? This is but a slight attempt for me to enter into your heart, feel the ache you must feel. I love you so much.

Back behind the curtains
so uncertain of the outcome
Grasping for a moment 
just to be out on the stage
It’s not about the people
it’s the magic it contains
When you put your foot
down firmly, and
walk across the stage

It’s the feeling you get
seconds before, 
you make your first 
stage move

Oh the intensity
oh the immensity 
That natural love of acting
To work so long,
to work so hard,
and see someone take your place

To lose what means the world,
when lost in the emotion,
Your head all in a swirl,
how can you even stand?
Only with these words still 
“The best is yet to come”

English Vintner