Monday, 11 October 2010

Rose Hips

Rose hips come from roses. They form the fruit that roses make from the flowers that bloom in spring. They range in color from red/orange to purple/black. They are very high in vitamin C, one of the highest sources. They also have vitamin A and B.

If you have a rose bush, chances are you can get rose hips from it. I have a wild rose bush (15ft diameter) that produces beautiful fragrant white blossoms that last about 24 hours. They are great for bees, an excellent nectar source.

Some people harvest the rose hips in September or October. Some wait until a frost, saying that they taste better (like a lot of things, parsnips, carrots, etc.) I am waiting till after the frost, though I don't know how many will be left. I picked one this morning and it was green, and had a hole in it. They make great tea, jam, and many other concoctions. I will decide what to do with mine when I see how many I have. Did you know, the hairs from rose hips is used to make itching powder?

English Vintner