Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Father, how can you let your children 
suffer in this way?
When they’ve been through hard 
trials, and fire’s on it’s way
Don’t let the fartherless and widow, 
be abandoned or cast down
I lift up to you your’e children,
they’ve fallen on the ground
You say “Look to me in suffering”
and “I will give you peace”
So in the darkness when we’re blind,
make our trust in you increase.
How can the righteous suffer
and the wicked go unpunished
How can a remnant of this 
world be saved for eternity
When all around us chaos 
reeks a life of uncertainty 
Who is the judge of right and wrong?
Who is the one who makes us strong?
For what God says and does
 is always good and just and right
“At times the wrong seems oft so strong
Our God is the definition of what is just
There is no one to compare to,
no one else is good
So before you point the fingers, 
and try to shove the blame
Just remember who our God is
He died and took our pain.