Saturday, 24 July 2010


We went blueberry picking this morning. We got 30 quarts in under 2 hours. The price was pretty good too. And, I don't think he sprays his blueberries! A definite plus!

I harvested 2 more cucumbers. I think by the end of the season I will have gotten several hundred from those 7 vines! They just keep producing, despite the stink bugs that are on them.

I really wonder if I will get more than one watermelon. The way the stinkin' deer keep at em'. I have one vine at the house that has a watermelon on it, and I have a few vines that have not been touched.

No corn last night. I expect something tonight though. I dammed up the creek a little more. I am wondering when it is going to dry up. Probably sometime in August, the driest month of the year.

I plan on working some more on the winery, get it all cleaned up so I can bottle some wine next week. I have friends coming over next week that will be staying for 10 days (ages 12-15). I hope I can get them and my younger siblings to count corks for me. I would like to get 4000 corks in 40 bags, one hundred each. That way, when I get an order I can quickly send it off.

I watered my tomatoes by the creek today. Did about 12-14 gallons. I picked to roma looking tomatoes. One had so many bites in it from stink bugs I threw it over the compost (freebies next year?) and saved the one of them.

I am amazed at the amount of hops on my hop pole. WAY more then I expected and they keep coming (the hops).

Well, I'd better go, stop writing and start doing something.

English Vintner