Wednesday, 12 September 2012


The change in the weather is for the better. Summer, though not as dry as last year (where I've been) has ended and Autumn has begun. To me Autumn doesn't begin on a set day by a calendar, but rather when the earth has said it. Listen to her, what does she say, will it be late or early? This year, it was a little early, though, I'm not complaining. Frankly, it came just in time. After a short visit to my family packed full of adventures (I spent Friday night, through Monday morning there and only received 17 hours of sleep total!) which included a fun movie Friday night, apple picking Saturday afternoon, cider making Saturday night, along with a midnight haul, followed by a bright crisp first day of Autumn. We had fresh cider and orange juice for breakfast with apple and pumpkin pie. Rockland's Farm sausage (where I intern), eggs, and hot coffee! It was a feast and a glorious one too! The table was laden, candles were lit, we had 6 people to a side, and the table was stuffed full of me and my siblings. I love being part of a large family. Sunday was awesome, two good sermons, got to say hi to friends, and had a great lunch of swiss cheese, good bread, apples, and chicken, again, with lit candles. I took a nap because of the lateness of the hour that we went to bed at. I left soon after church as I wanted this weekend to be with my family, not friends. Too often you come back from something and just spend most of your time talking and hanging out with friends and you miss your chance with your family. We had leftover pie and hot mulled cider, followed by a game of mafia. It was a highlight for me as it involved all of the kids. Afterwards I got a chance to play legos with my two youngest brothers, which was fun, I love getting down on there level and playing with them. I watched Princess Bride sunday night and got to bed close to midnight, and was up with my oldest brother who works landscape. I packed, said good byes to him and my mother and headed back to the farm.

Somehow, when you can see the end of the tunnel, it's not so bad anymore. You can appreciate where you are and though you're counting the seconds till you're out, you can still enjoy the moment because you know the end is near. That is me right now. I'm content to be here. I'd rather be home yes, my younger siblings are making cider and doing stuff I would be doing. It is amazing to me how much they can do! They really are quite capable! I have three and a half weeks left here. Work is easier as the summer comes to an end. Mostly were harvesting end of the season stuff, clearing out old plants, planting Fall crops, and enjoying the Autumn weather. Since I got back I've been on a camp fire kick and cooked supper over a fire last night. It was good, cheese, bread, apple, pork chop, and some Tulsi tea to wash it down. This morning I got up at 5:30am (it was hard, because it was SO cold! 49F in the barn where I sleep) and started another fire in the same place. I put rocks around the fire and made a nice little fire pit with a grill over it to cook or grill on. I got a nice little fire going while watching the stars. The stars fascinate me, as does astronomy. I'm not talking about astronomy taught now, about the planets and size and what gas, I'm talking about knowing the constellations, telling time by the stars, the passing of the seasons, eclipse and phases of the moon. The stuff people knew and did back then. At 5:30 you really can see the stars quite well! It's still quite dark and the stars are brilliant, makes you want to be up at 5:30 everyday! What a great way to start the day, seeing the stars and seeing them fade away into the early mist as dawn approaches and the sun makes it's way across the horizon. I always get more done when I'm up early. Actually, I think I may be getting too much sleep lately. I've been getting closer to 8-9 hours of sleep while I was at the farm the past couple weeks. I seriously think I do better on 6-7 hours of sleep. It might be harder to get up, but once I'm up I often have more energy and get more done.

Autumn is a wonderful season. Every year I have such trouble on picking a favorite, at the beginning of each season I think it is my favorite, but by the end I'm usually glad to go to the next. I love summer, and I try to appreciate it as much as my older brother and others do, but Autumn always makes me so happy. I love the green and growing of summer, but I love all the feasts and partys to throw in the Autumn. The cider pressing and apple picking, driving through the mountains, the colors of the trees. I'm already planning camping trips when I get back, Autumn is my favourite season to go camping in. The night time is just cold enough to need a fire, and the day is warm enough to go around in jeans and be comfortable.

Here's to a new season,
the season past was more than a blast,
But with the falling leaves, the changing of the trees
Autumn's here and so here I go, don't hang on, just let go

English Vintner