Saturday, 25 September 2010

Natural Gardening

Here it is, spelling and all that checked by my dad. So, here is a more refined version of Organic Gardening, put down in better structure than before (I've mentioned here and there about it, but never really sat down on it)

Organic Gardening/Farming
Why should farmers and gardeners grow things ‘organic’ or more natural? On this issue you might say I side more with the ‘liberals’ than the ‘conservatives’. However, do not put me on the far left, for I do not belong on the far left. You might say I am a little left of the center. So, my point of view will be more to the left than right, because that is what I believe to be the best. I will not be citing anything directly, though through the last eight months of research I can remember a lot that I will be putting down here.

I think one of the first reasons most people should consider natural (I prefer that to organic, because organic is not always in line with how I will consider growing the way the ancients did) growing is the fact that you can get up to seven times more for the space! I think that alone should make most people reconsider how they are growing things.

The second reason is this. Why do we need to poison our land and ourselves to grow things? I mean, how do you think people grew things 200 years ago, in the start of America? Or, for that matter, how do you think Cain gardened? There is no need to be putting toxic chemicals into our land to produce 1/7 of the food we could be growing. I mean, seriously! Gardening solely on nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium using poison to kill insects, diseases, and plants has only been used in the last 100 years. Why, after 6000 years do we feel the need to poison the earth so to speak, when we could be doing a much better job?

Have you ever wondered how a plant grown again and again on one plot of soil can produce so many vitamins out of just nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium? Well, the fact is, it can’t very well. This could be another serious thing farmers need to think about. The food you are growing, is it as healthy for you, has as many vitamins and nutrients in it for you as it used to? The fact is, with our agriculture we are eating food that is no longer getting us the things we need. The nutrient level of crops grown naturally (using Sea Crop, paramagnetism, and good organic soil) is much higher than that grown on poisoned land with chemical fertilizer.

Agriculture today spends a lot of money on poison, and fertilizer. If you were to grow naturally you could cut poison out completely (you might have some instances when you might have to spray with something, but the alternatives to poison are MUCH better), and fertilizer almost out completely. You could grow a crop during the summer, and get in two green manure crops during the winter and spring. You could grow rye and vetch during the fall/winter, and than another fast growing spring crop. This would not only add all the nitrogen your plant would need (along with many other things found within the plant matter), but also add organic matter to your soil. Did you know that soil with a high level of organic matter holds water WAY better than other soil? Growing naturally would cut down your costs on poison to zero, your fertilizer to almost nothing, and your water could probably be cut in half.

It is sad for me to see the way we do agriculture. We could do it so much better (like most things in life in a fallen world, with fallen men) than we do. The amount of research on agriculture is fascinating to me. Someone has come up with a weed killer, using boiling water. It is a holding tank that keeps the water right at about 200F. It is on a truck and has several hoses leading off of it. It kills the weeds better than most poison, and does it instantly. If counties and states would use this to spray around electrical boxes and along side walks where they are trying to keep the grass down, it would cut the cost down a LOT!

Someone has done research with SEA CROP. It is concentrated nutrients off the coast of Washington. It increases plant growth and it makes the plants hardier to drought and freezing. Someone had some lettuce and greens. He sprayed it with SEA CROP. During the winter it froze, and in the spring time, unfroze and started growing!

A lot of the research with SEA CROP is in conjunction with ORMUS water. From a magnetic water trap.

Paramagnetism is Nature’s secret force to growth. The Irish monks of old were using it to garden, the Japanese have been using it, volcano ash and soil has TONS of it. You can actually test out this theory if you are doubtful of it.

Take two pots. Fill both with potting soil from the same bag. Sow radish seeds in both of them, the same amount. Now, in one put a paramagnetic stone, and in the other don’t put anything. Water them exactly the same. After 8 days, pull them both up by the roots and see the difference!
To get paramagnetic rocks you must find a place that sells rocks of some sort, hobby store, landscaping supplier? Rocks that are strongly paramagnetic include the following: Magnetite, Hematite, Basalt, Shale, Red Sandstone and White Granite, to name a few.

I believe that America has a chance at changing, and we just might be able to do it. If you do any research into how ancient civilizations did farming you will see a common thread. They didn’t use poison! :) The fact is, changing old habits is not an easy thing to do, so it is up to the coming farmers to decide if they will go with the big corporations, will they go what seems the easiest at hand or will they go with the smaller farmers, who are testing out growing naturally, not using poison, and getting good results? It is up to you and me to spread the word, natural growing.

I hope you enjoyed that. I still would like to write another essay on sorta how to do it. I've told you the method, but I would like to write one kinda on doing it.

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